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Dr. Valentino has over 10 years experience with an excellent reputation of providing optimal clinical care to her patients. Read about her specializations and patient testimonials below. 

By providing a discreet practice where you will feel comfortable expressing your most inner thoughts and feelings Dr. Valentino is confident she can provide you with the care needed no matter what you have been through... you just have to want to be empowered to make the change.

Conditions Treated

Depression, Anxiety, & Mood Disorders

Depression, anxiety, and fear are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that you can experience. An individuals experience an reactions vary greatly, but any discomfort should be addressed by an experienced professional like Dr. Valentino.

Through insight oriented treatment, you are able to regain motivation, improve  mental perspective, and obtain the personal empowerment needed to live the life you want.


Trauma, PTSD, & War

Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, hopelessness, or feeling lost and disconnected are just a few emotions that can linger from traumatic events. Treatment is specific to the type of trauma.

You can overcome these symptoms and with treatment through the process of deciding to feel empowered and in control again, and no longer letting it rule your life.


Gender, Sexuality & Relationships

Our society has many stigmas, and human sexuality and relationships are complex. Therapy for couples can be beneficial for those who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship. 

Sexuality complicated, and regardless of your relationship status, sex therapy can be very beneficial. Being confident and healthy with your sexuality and identity is essential to being comfortable with yourself.

Patient Testimonials

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Ranked #1 for both "Top 10 Psychologists" and "Sex Therapists" in all of NY, NY

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Dr. Valentino never pays to advertise.

Personal Empowerment, Sexuality, Trauma & War

"Dr. Valentino is a great therapist. She's direct, caring, and empowers me to be my true self. I've been seeing her for about a year and each session is very liberating. As a positive presence in my life, she continues to challenge me while offering support in many different aspects. 

Would and have recommended Dr. Valentino!"

"Maaaan, Dr. Valentino has been a gift in my life. I saw her for over 10 months and she genuinely helped me change my life. She saw through my bullshit and gave it to me straight. She helped me discover things about myself I never knew and gave me the tools necessary to FINALLY take charge and get to the level of success I always knew I could achieve. SHE FREAKING ROCKS!!!"

"I have been seeing Dr. Valentino for well over a year and she has been amazing. I have weekly visits and she is very accommodating with her schedule when I have to travel for work. She knows how to ask the tough questions and really get you thinking about what you want to do and change in your life. I have had issues with self-care and she has made it easier for me to address these issues and work on the route causes. 

Would highly recommend!"

"Dr. Valentino is an amazing therapist. I have been seeing her for roughly 6 months. It already has had  a positive impact on my life. I have seen other therapists in the past. Dr. Valentino is the first therapist where I feel like I will not only get the support I need, but also the skills to help me better work on my issues. 

I work for myself, she understands schedules change. She is willing to work with you and your schedule with advance notice."

"I never talked about my trauma before... It is just something you don't talk about. It is war. You are doing your duty. But it comes home with you. I couldn't get peace. Dr. Valentino helped me find it."

"Dr. Valentino greatly helped me through my darkest times. Being a war vet with PTSD, as well as having some sexual issues, I was struggling with things I had done, coming home, and being a man. I felt alone. She really listened and helped me gain insight into ME and filter out the outside noise and find myself again, discreetly, where I could speak freely without shame. If you need help- get it. I now feel free again. And home. She truly understands 

Leave No Man Behind.”

Why You Should Request an Appointment Now...

"I have been seeing Dr. Valentino for psychotherapy for 8 months.  When I first started seeing her, I was in a very dark place.  She has helped me greatly through a tragic event and my PTSD. She is open, honest, and straight to the point.  She has empowered me to take control of my life." 

"I cannot recommend Dr. Valentino enough. It was hard for me to sit down and dig deep with a therapist. I had no idea what to expect when I entered into the process. Dr. Valentino has a way about her that creates an atmosphere of trust, understanding, and a genuine concern for my well being in all aspects of my life. What started out as process for me to deal with some anxiety I had been suffering from for a while turned into so much more. From work advice, marriage advice, sex therapy, past trauma- you name it. I don't think I could be as open & honest with any other therapist. It's almost like she is my teammate. Most of the time if feels like I'm just sitting talking to and old friend over a drink. If you are on the fence about talking to someone about ANY type of problem, please seek our Dr. V. You will be glad you did."

"I had never talked about the Holocaust... the camps... the death. You just don't. But after I did, and let it be real, it let me face what I could not even tell my family. Those dark things... they did happen. It is a freeing experience. Talk! It helps. Don't go to the grave with it. Dr. Valentino helped me free myself of the dark secrets. There is no shame. There is just freedom."

"She is a great doctor!  She is about equality, fairness, and personal empowerment to get what you deserve in life.  Sex is great- but so is respect.  She teaches you to stand up for what you believe in, be strong, and if someone wrongs you, you make it right.  


Request an Appointment Online~See Restrictions Above

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Insurance Plans Accepted Versus Private Pay

When requesting an appointment, you will choose "Insured" or "Private Pay" based on Dr. Valentino accepting most Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna plans only. Please check your insurance website and insure my name and correct address. These are the only plans.  This still needs to be verified as there are errors. Otherwise it will be Private Pay. Note, not all plans cover all services, such as Couples' therapy or for some sexual dysfunction with organic causes. If you are interested in couples', Dr. Valentino prefers to see each patient individually first, then will allow a couples' session to be booked. Each patient must book individually first.

Requesting Online Only ~ Please Read All

Below you can request an appointment  by clicking the "Request An Appointment" button. 

Note, this is only a request and you will be contacted after with intake forms.

Appointment requests are only accepted online, not by phone. 

This is to ensure confidentiality and that Dr. Valentino is the right doctor for you.  

Note, rates for "insured" patients shown are not after your insurance is factored in. That is the non-contracted rate if your insurance is accepted by Dr. Valentino. This is verified before you are seen. See your policy for details. If Dr. Valentino does not accept your insurance or the service you desire is not covered, you are considered "private pay" and should request and appointment as such. 

For "private pay" patients, that is the rate.




If you have reviewed the site to make an appointment as private pay and do not see a time you desire available, you may request to be wait listed by calling and leaving a message with your desire time. Again, this is for private pay only. When the time is available, you will be contacted first. You may call and request to removed from the wait list at any time.

Insurance and Confidentiality - Why You May Want to Consider Private Pay

Although Dr. Valentino highly values you privacy and discretion, insurance limits this. Your doctor may not tell you, but to bill insurance codes and diagnostic codes are required from session one. Dr. Valentino does not bill through third parties, only directly to the insurance carriers to limit exposure to your information, and only uses the Electronic Medical Record Platform (EMR) to book which is fully HIPAA complaint, but it is just a calendar. She does not keep electronic records, and all information that is electronic at any time is encrypted and destroyed. But, if you are ensured, it can be audited, and although it has never happened as Dr. Valentino goes to great lengths to be complaint to protect your privacy and avoid this, it can happen. Dr. Valentino will do everything possible to disclose as little as possible, but due to contractual obligations with your insurance, this is not with in her control. Therefore, keep reading as you may prefer to opt to schedule as private pay for confidentiality.

Some things are private and should stay that way.

Benefits of Private Pay ~ Privacy!


Unlike with the constraints of paying with insurance, Dr. Valentino has much more power to protect your information. Unless requested for legal reasons, which will be disclosed to you before hand insured or not, which is unlikely, your records are protected. Even still, in either case doctor-patient priviledge is always asserted. But, given the discretion provided with my practice, no electronic records, no billings being processed, and accepting payment confidentially, you are getting the most discreet care possible. 

Contacting Dr. Valentino

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Office will be relocating date unknown. Please no calls, website will be updated.

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